Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Our urns cater for pets weighing from 1kg up to 65kg’s and are suitable for holding the ashes of cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, mice, birds and small reptiles.

Determining the quantity of ash you will receive from the pet crematory is difficult as crematory service processes vary. A general guide is one cup per 9 kg’s. We freely exchange if you need a different size pet urn but it must be unused and returned in its original condition. Alternatively, we recommend that you buy the next size up if you are unsure.

To determine the appropriate pet urn volume capacity needed for a pet, the average guide is that 2.2 kilo of body weight (during a healthy state) = one cubic inch. For example, a 20 kg pet would require an urn with at least 44 cubic inches volume capacity for remains. This can vary slightly.

Size Volume Capacity (weight of pet)
Standard Urn: (vase style)
6” small 44 cubic” up to 20kg
7” medium 88 cubic” up to 44kg
8” large 140 cubic“ up to 65kg
Circular Urn: (jar style)
6” small 30 cubic” up to 14kg
7” medium 40 cubic” up to 17kg
Figurine Urn: (statue style)
medium 26 cubic” up to 12kg
large 35 cubic” up to 16kg
Keepsake Urn:
Keepsakes are designed to hold a token of your pet’s ashes to remember them by. Many people like to scatter their pet’s ashes in a special place and keep some as a memorial tribute to their beloved pet.
Example of Dog Breed Size (weight):
Toy dog breeds 4.5 kg’s or less
Small dog breeds 4.5 to 11.4 kg’s
Medium dog breeds 11.4 to 23 kg’s
Large dog breeds 23 to 34 kg’s
Very large dog breeds 34 kg’s plus

The Pet Urns are made to the highest quality using intricate engraving to enhance the design.
individually crafted and finished by hand
premium quality brass and metals
elegant detail and beautifully ornamented
securely fastened screw in lid which can be permanently sealed.

Some of the urns have intricate engraving and therefore cannot be engraved with your pet’s name. We recommend you asking an engraving specialist for advice, as we take no responsibility for damage made by engraving.
We are in the process of having urn medallions made that can be engraved and sit around the neck of the urn on a matching chain.

Where can I place the urn?
The collection is unique and has been designed to compliment your décor and can sit nicely anywhere in your home.
They are made of high quality solid brass and metal making them durable and non- breakable. They can be placed outside as a memorial to your pet or buried in your pet’s favourite place in the garden.